Monthly Archives: May 2011

More WWOOF action


A few new developments, yesterday was our first CSA delivery and we received three new WWOOF’ers!  Amy, is a friend of Shiori’s from Japan.  She attends the University of Arkansas and decided to come and stay for a few days.  I don’t think she understood what she was signing up for, I don’t think she knew she would be working so hard.  We also received via Brooklyn New York, Will and Nora.  They knew that work was involved and work they did.  I had to have Will run an errand for me, and when he came to see what I needed of him, he mentioned that he heard or read that I was from Manteca.  Now, if you’re from a small town and people ask where your from, you usually say a bigger town near it, because NO ONE has ever heard of it before…Manteca is one of those towns, needless to say I was shocked to hear him speak of it.  “My family used to go to the water slides!”  Manteca’s claim to fame were the Manteca water slides at Oakwood lake resort.  I had to inform Will that they had to take the water slides out to build “Luxury Homes” around the lake in 2004 or 2005.  Karma is a (bleep) they say because the developers went bankrupt, there are probably six homes around the lake and maybe two are lived in.  Tangent, but random that Will knew Manteca.


Car Accident


Today we were supposed to welcome two WWOOF’ers coming from Little Rock area, originally from Japan, Shiori and her friend Kyohei.  Unfortunately someone hit her car as they were preparing to leave town.  So, we will welcome them on monday instead.  In other news, Farmer’s Market take two tomorrow.  Paul, the kids and I will b e standing out in GORGEOUS weather hustling.  I’m so glad the weather will be nice.  Last week, if you read, rained and only a few people showed up.  Hopefully the crowds manifest themselves tomorrow.  Also, to all of the Mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  I can’t forget to call mine tomorrow, I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even mail a card…I feel bad Mom.  I LOVE YOU.  It’s because of her that I have a green thumb.  What a true inspiration she has been in my life.  Shiori, Kyohei, we will see you Monday afternoon.  To all of my other WWOOF’ers past, I hope your journeys are going well.  Thanks for the post cards ; )

The Farmer’s Market


Our first Farmer’s Market experience was a fun one.  There were only a few vendors there because there was rain in the forcast.  We decided to go to break the ice and meet some of the vendors.  The rain kept the folks away, but there were a few diehards who came out, umbrellas in hand.  We mad a whopping $25.  It’s no fortune, but it’s a start.