Monthly Archives: February 2008

It was a nice day to work


It has been quite an unpredictable winter (weather wise) here in Arkansas.  There have been some nice warm days mixed in with some rainy ones and some freezing ones…but today it was in the mid 50’s so we were out and about today.  I went over to Roy’s house and dug up half of his plant collection, and brought it to my house to transplant.  Paul was busy constructing some of our planting beds, and I decided to put in an herb garden in the back yard.  I started digging out a circle with a mattock.  I had to stop and re-configure, because my circle looked more like an Easter egg.  So I summoned my “Rebecca’s Garden” building circular beds knowledge, and grabbed my funnel, some flour, some string, and a steak, y ouila!  A perfect circle.  Thanks Rebecca for all of your kitsch, it works.  So, enjoy the pictures, and enjoy your day. Peace.   




It rained REALLY HARD all day yesterday (3-5″)  so now all of our pretty rows (ditches) are flooded, and will take a while to dry out.  It’s ok I  guess because we couldn’t do much to them yet, but we are expecting more rain.  Roy, the “Guerilla gardener” gave us a lot of supplies that he had in his garage.  Lots of starter packs and pots, potting soils, trays, doors, hoses, sprinklers, I could go on and on…Thank you Roy for helping us stay on budget (for those who want to know the budget is $1000, like a remodel show : ) Mas y menos.  

One word you don’t tell me or Paul


FREE!   We have been busy lately.  The whole month of January the city of Fayetteville was giving away free mulch.  So of course we went and received three or four truck loads of it.  As we shoveled it out of the truck, it seemed every load had more and more random junk in it.  Wires, plastic, an oil dipstick!  So, we decided not to use it after all of that.  So if you need wood mulch, come on over, I’ll give you a good price ; )So now what?  Well, as luck would have it, Paul ran into a wood chipping crew here in town and asked what they were going to do with the wood chips.  These guys are a traveling wood chipping circus out of Minnesota know as “The Nature Boys”.  They said we could have as much as we wanted.  Hallelujah!  As of yet they have dropped off one load of wood mulch, and two loads of leaves.  They told us they were going to have eight more trucks of wood mulch that they needed to dump, and Paul wants them all.  So again, if anyone needs any wood mulch (clean or dirty) I’ll give you a price.  It seems as if my vegetable farm is turning into a wood mulch staging ground. What do we need with all of this mulch and leaves?  We are doing a lasagna style bed where we layer organic materials on top of one another (mulch, leaves, top soil), so we don’t have to till up the existing soil, ruining its natural composition…and we need a lot of it!  Thank you Nature Boys for coming into my life with free materials.Yesterday we had a friend, Eric Oliver (more affectionately known in some circles as E-ROC) come over with his skid steer to dig up the turf and remove it so we could start laying down our materials.  As I type today I can still here him buzzing around out there.  Thank you Eric for your help, because lord only knows where Paul and I would be renting a bobcat and trying to do what you do.  Excavating is an art.  So with Eric out there moving dirt, and shuffling around some piles of wood chips, it is allowing us to stay on schedule to get our beds in place, and giving us time for other things that need to be done.Our seeds arrived the other day in the mail from “Seeds of change” and “Johnny’s” all organic.  So after the rows, our focus will be green house.  Ta ta for now.