Monthly Archives: January 2011

What’s a happening!


So, I have been on a long hiatus.  Sorry.  Checking my records of how many people are visiting this blog is very humbling and inspiring.  Thanks for caring.  I’m just going to jump on in and talk about what has happened this month and where we’re going to take it.  Mid January our local food CO-OP, Ozark Natural Foods sent Paul and I to the Arkansas/Oklahoma Horticulture Industries Show. Let me just say WOW. How great it felt to be among peers. We were rubbing elbows with Arkansas Garden elite. Right now typing this, I feel like I need some cheerleaders screaming about getting fired up. It was so inspiring that Paul and I are going to be extremely busy creating a CSA, so tell your friends. What is a a CSA? It stands for “Community Supported Agriculture”. Here is a Wikipedia definition: