Monthly Archives: June 2008

Leave it to Arkansas


I don’t know if this is a common thing in the south, or if it’s just common knowledge, but within the last week or so three different people have told me “You need a chicken tractor”.  What?  A chicken what?  A chicken tractor.  Now, being born and raised in California, I’ve never personally seen a chicken tractor, or heard of one.  So of course my mind thinks about a chicken driving a tractor or something so crazy that I can’t even write it.  What do you think it is?  Go ahead, give it a good think.  Ok, ok…it’s nothing super crazy.  It’s just a cube covered with chicken wire, with an open bottom.  Then you stick three or four chickens in it, and you move it around your yard every two hours.  The chickens scratch for bugs and eat grass.  A chicken tractor, get it.  I want to know if this chicken tractor thing is just a regional invention, or if the whole country is hip to the genius.  I need an expert, are you reading right now?  Let the public in on the secret.  Pure genius don’t you think?


Mind the gap


So….we have this gap in action right now.  I’ve thought about this before.  I thought I could possibly be on it enough to avoid this kind of delay.  But obviously, I’m not that organized.  SHIT.  How do I avoid this? (I’m sending that up to the heavens and out into cyber space).  My lettuce petered out, I have bell peppers on the plant, just not ready, basil that’s almost ready to cut, my pole beans and cucumbers are still deciding wether or not they want to join the party, so ho-hum, and my squash are also trying to make that same decision.  So what’s the answer?  Where did I flub?  Somebody do some research for me. 

Paul’s world


I was thrown into Paul’s world yesterday.  Since the inception of this endeavor, Paul has been responsible for most of the heavy lifting and moving.  He has built all of the rows, moved all of the mulch, compost and dirt.  He had a full truck load of mulch in the back of his truck for about a week and a half, and it was up to us to finally take the initiative and move it.  So, I was in the back of the truck with a pitch fork moving mulch, then taking it to a row and dumping it.  Not for the weak of heart.  It was hard work, and we accomplished it.  

Sold out


Sorry, anyone who wanted to get lettuce from us this week, and possibly next.  We are sold out.  Our lettuce is toast (if that makes any sense).  This past week we sold in the 40-something pound range, so right now we are praying that we have the ten pounds for Old Soul Organics.  We were just out there grasping at remnants.  Pieces of our lettuce’s former glory.  I know I said that the lettuce might make it another four weeks, but right now I’m starting to doubt that.