Monthly Archives: October 2009

Take some time out


Imagine:  It’s 9 am, you just finished your breakfast and are looking south at a gorgeous vista bathed in fall colors.  Ahhh, how relaxing.  A flock of Canadian geese swoop down over the house into view and splash down into the pond 100 yds. away.  Breathtaking.  They swim around for a minute to give their hearts and wings a rest and as quickly as they came, WHOOSH, they take off south again.  Fair travels. 

I love my house.


What is a rain catch and why do I need one?


California take note: A rain catch system is a way to harvest rain water to use for, well, everything you use water for.  All you need are some gutters on your roof and something to catch and contain the water in like a cistern or barrels.  We are needing to get this done pronto, because this is going to be our source of water.  There is currently a cistern near our house, it just needs to have pipe connecting it to our house and voila!  There will be a pump, that is connected to the solar power, which will pump it into my kitchen faucet and make me the happiest woman in the world.  It helps tremendously if you have a metal roof rather than shingles.  Shingles are made with toxic materials and you probably don’t want to save the water for any consumable reasons, unless maybe for your flowers.  Also, metal roofs collect dew which runs off and every drop counts RIGHT CALIFORNIA!  Look into it readers, there are lots and lots of resources on the interwebs, take advantage of them.

And…We’re IN!


We moved in over the last few days, into the new digs that is.  I believe this to be day 4.  AWESOME!  I love my new house.  I love my new house so much that I told it so last night.  “I love you house,” and I gave it a kiss.  I meant it too.  There are some loose ends that are not tied yet and are problems, but solvable ones.  For instance, I have no way to cook in my new house.  I have a camp stove, somewhere.  I also have a dutch oven, I just haven’t been gutsy enough to use it yet.  I guess they aren’t problems so much as, I haven’t figured out the way I am to cook for the family in my new house.  Also, no water.  We have been fetching and filtering water to wash hands, cook, clean, humidify etc.  BUT, I have to drag my dishes to someone else’s house to do them.  This will remedy itself soon, but right now it’s a lot like camping.  We have potty solutions for the number one variety, but nothing so permanent for the number twos.  Still hanging things and moving in boxes and realizing that it’s not all going to fit.  All fun though.  Warm too.

You know what’s exciting?


Last night Paul and I walked over to the new digs to check out the new area rugs.  I carried a lantern into the house and Paul flipped the light switch and the light came on.  What a pleasure to sit in a house lighted by solar power.  I was just revelling in the fact that we weren’t paying Ozark Electric.  Amazing.  You should try it some time.



I have had to put the blog on hold this month as I try to sort out the details of my life into 800 sq.ft.  We are still living in an RV, parked right out front.  It’s a good transition, because the 800 sq.ft. will look like a palace.  The new farm is good.  I feel happy and motivated.  I lumber along in s-curve patterns all over the grounds which is nice, no squares, until I come to the beds Paul installed.