What is a rain catch and why do I need one?


California take note: A rain catch system is a way to harvest rain water to use for, well, everything you use water for.  All you need are some gutters on your roof and something to catch and contain the water in like a cistern or barrels.  We are needing to get this done pronto, because this is going to be our source of water.  There is currently a cistern near our house, it just needs to have pipe connecting it to our house and voila!  There will be a pump, that is connected to the solar power, which will pump it into my kitchen faucet and make me the happiest woman in the world.  It helps tremendously if you have a metal roof rather than shingles.  Shingles are made with toxic materials and you probably don’t want to save the water for any consumable reasons, unless maybe for your flowers.  Also, metal roofs collect dew which runs off and every drop counts RIGHT CALIFORNIA!  Look into it readers, there are lots and lots of resources on the interwebs, take advantage of them.


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