Daily Archives: October 26, 2009

And…We’re IN!


We moved in over the last few days, into the new digs that is.  I believe this to be day 4.  AWESOME!  I love my new house.  I love my new house so much that I told it so last night.  “I love you house,” and I gave it a kiss.  I meant it too.  There are some loose ends that are not tied yet and are problems, but solvable ones.  For instance, I have no way to cook in my new house.  I have a camp stove, somewhere.  I also have a dutch oven, I just haven’t been gutsy enough to use it yet.  I guess they aren’t problems so much as, I haven’t figured out the way I am to cook for the family in my new house.  Also, no water.  We have been fetching and filtering water to wash hands, cook, clean, humidify etc.  BUT, I have to drag my dishes to someone else’s house to do them.  This will remedy itself soon, but right now it’s a lot like camping.  We have potty solutions for the number one variety, but nothing so permanent for the number twos.  Still hanging things and moving in boxes and realizing that it’s not all going to fit.  All fun though.  Warm too.