Monthly Archives: March 2008

Writer’s block, no title today.


This post is to explain some of the pictures I’ve been taking.  If you want to know about all of the holes I’ve dug, you can call me and I’ll let you know.  These pictures are a mishmash of the last couple of weeks.  Planting seeds (tomatoes and bell peppers), installing lights for the seeds, the turquoise pond (it’s been raining a lot), Paul working on the chicken coop, blah blah blah.   Not really too much information there….sorry.


Before I let another month go by….


The days move quickly this time of year.  We have been really busy setting up more rows, installing brambles, and perennials, seeding, mulching…I could go on and on (and if you would like me to, just email me, and I’ll get back to you in another month!).  Roy (remember him?  I mention him a lot) let me go over to his house, that he is moving from, and dig up as many plants as I wanted to.  So I did.  I dug up gobs and gobs of strawberry plants, raspberry plants, onions, and a blackberry bush, and lots of other goodies.  So my time has been spent re-planting these things at our homestead.  It took me several days to install everything and mulch it.  It doesn’t look like that much work, but believe me it wasn’t a picnic.  But, hopefully it will all survive, and be prolific.  We also managed to seed six 25 foot rows with a lettuce mix a few days ago, and now it’s go time.  We’re going to do the grow light route for our seedlings instead of a greenhouse this year, due to the time crunch.  Paul had to order some organic potting soil online, because the whole state of Arkansas thinks that it’s okay to start your seeds in a chemical mix.  It was actually kind of funny, at this one store Paul was asking if the potting mix was organic, that we bought organic seeds yadda yadda….and the lady just didn’t get it.  She felt that all potting mix was created equal, and that even if it did have chemical fertilizer in it, that ‘It wouldn’t hurt your plants none.”  Well, yes lady, you’re right, but that would defeat our whole purpose wouldn’t it?  You just needed to be there.