Monthly Archives: November 2009

Guilded Meditation


Close your eyes and imagine for a moment, breathe and stuff (wink).  The last little bit of sunlight illuminating the grass and surrounding flora.  The sky to the east is a dark grey, looks like rain.  Their stark contrast makes the green outside my window look even more amazing, green times ten.  I imagine Ireland feeling similar.  The evergreens are still around, along with a few stubborn red leaves left clinging to tall branches, not ready to give up.  The beauty that is the cardinal and its drab, grey mate follow each other from perch to perch, a striking contrast.  The grey clouds turn lavender as what’s left of the sun sets.  Okay, open your eyes.  You’re welcome.




So, be glad if you don’t live in the midwest, or high plaines interior.  It was a whopping 29 degrees outside and today it wasn’t much warmer.  It was quite a change from the 65-70 degree weather over the past few weeks.  Surprising?  Somewhat.  But, it seems like I should be okay with it since it’s mid-late November.  It’s fodder for the blog.  Chew on it for a while.  I haven’t had much of a chance to dig into this new venture yet, I’ve been bogged down with papers for school.  I shouldn’t blame school, but it is a time sucker.  It will just make me work harder in the freezing cold this winter to install, install, install!  Any who, let’s create a discussion readers of what your plans are for growing and producing next season.  I’ve heard lots of chatter, lots of talk, I want to hear it again.  Leave some comments so that others who are like minded can get inspired and involved.  Thanks.