It was a nice day to work


It has been quite an unpredictable winter (weather wise) here in Arkansas.  There have been some nice warm days mixed in with some rainy ones and some freezing ones…but today it was in the mid 50’s so we were out and about today.  I went over to Roy’s house and dug up half of his plant collection, and brought it to my house to transplant.  Paul was busy constructing some of our planting beds, and I decided to put in an herb garden in the back yard.  I started digging out a circle with a mattock.  I had to stop and re-configure, because my circle looked more like an Easter egg.  So I summoned my “Rebecca’s Garden” building circular beds knowledge, and grabbed my funnel, some flour, some string, and a steak, y ouila!  A perfect circle.  Thanks Rebecca for all of your kitsch, it works.  So, enjoy the pictures, and enjoy your day. Peace.   


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