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Car Accident


Today we were supposed to welcome two WWOOF’ers coming from Little Rock area, originally from Japan, Shiori and her friend Kyohei.  Unfortunately someone hit her car as they were preparing to leave town.  So, we will welcome them on monday instead.  In other news, Farmer’s Market take two tomorrow.  Paul, the kids and I will b e standing out in GORGEOUS weather hustling.  I’m so glad the weather will be nice.  Last week, if you read, rained and only a few people showed up.  Hopefully the crowds manifest themselves tomorrow.  Also, to all of the Mother’s out there, Happy Mother’s Day!  I can’t forget to call mine tomorrow, I’ve been so busy, I didn’t even mail a card…I feel bad Mom.  I LOVE YOU.  It’s because of her that I have a green thumb.  What a true inspiration she has been in my life.  Shiori, Kyohei, we will see you Monday afternoon.  To all of my other WWOOF’ers past, I hope your journeys are going well.  Thanks for the post cards ; )


News Brief


Paul informed me today that we have been approved through the USDA for two grants.  One for a new hoop house and the other for funds to develop and NOP, or National organic program to help develop a…well this. Basically, the government will pay for you to become organic. We are already Certified naturally grown.  Quite exciting.  There aren’t very many people in the great state of Arkansas participating in these programs.  When Paul called to the USDA office to see about applying, the person on the other end of the line didn’t even know what he was talking about, because there aren’t a whole lot of takers in this area.  Paul had to be passed off to one of the higher ups to get any information.  But we’re in there for better or for worse.