More WWOOF action


A few new developments, yesterday was our first CSA delivery and we received three new WWOOF’ers!  Amy, is a friend of Shiori’s from Japan.  She attends the University of Arkansas and decided to come and stay for a few days.  I don’t think she understood what she was signing up for, I don’t think she knew she would be working so hard.  We also received via Brooklyn New York, Will and Nora.  They knew that work was involved and work they did.  I had to have Will run an errand for me, and when he came to see what I needed of him, he mentioned that he heard or read that I was from Manteca.  Now, if you’re from a small town and people ask where your from, you usually say a bigger town near it, because NO ONE has ever heard of it before…Manteca is one of those towns, needless to say I was shocked to hear him speak of it.  “My family used to go to the water slides!”  Manteca’s claim to fame were the Manteca water slides at Oakwood lake resort.  I had to inform Will that they had to take the water slides out to build “Luxury Homes” around the lake in 2004 or 2005.  Karma is a (bleep) they say because the developers went bankrupt, there are probably six homes around the lake and maybe two are lived in.  Tangent, but random that Will knew Manteca.


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