Daily Archives: April 14, 2011

It Gets Better


I have been receiving an overwhelming response to the blog as of late, which is nice.  I’ve kept it for three years or so now and it has always done ok, but like I said, lately, WOW.  Thanks!  I just approved a comment this morning from a reader in India, complimenting me on my herbs and such.  This person also keeps a blog so I clicked on it.  If you want to see some stunning imagery, you should check out this link to Jugnoo farms.

In other news, we received two extra WWOOF’ers yesterday, Shannon and Alex from York Pennsylvania.  They are only staying through today and leaving tomorrow morning.  They arrived about 5pm yesterday, just enough time to take the tour and get ready for dinner.  We all shared a lovely meal of soup and salad under the moon.  The weather was just perfect for dinning outside.  Our WWOOF’er Jason, from Brooklyn, surprised us all by making a lovely salad dressing.  I was surprised because he doesn’t say much, so it was pleasant that he made it and like Santa Claus in the night this present was left on the dinner table.  Thank you Jason.