Daily Archives: April 12, 2011

Oldie, but a Goodie


This is a post from a blog written in 2008.  I searched “CSA” on wordpress and looked through a few, this ladies was a nice honest experience with it, and it paints a nice picture.  CSA’s are all different, and they’re not for everybody.



Babies! Babies!


Some things I’ve been working on.

Herb/strawberry beds.

Strawberries and “Blue Boy” Bachelor Buttons.

That’s ME, and some chives, oregano, mint and the like.

Paul dealing with CSA checks…YES it’s happening!

Garden in my front yard, and the greenhouse.


My art project in the greenhouse.  It’s my face cast in plaster, dirt, grass clippings and wheat grass seeds.  The mint is for an aromatherapy effect.

It’s growing y’alls.

Here they are!  Here are my babies!

Tomatoes, zinnias, calendula, marigolds…

Newer tomato babies.

Zinnias…(I’m so excited about these!!!)

Lavender, leeks, more zinnias, calendula.