As of 3:53pm, cst


The snow is still falling. One of my neighbors said that it was falling at about an inch per hour. There’s a lot of it on the ground by now. I just made a lap around the farm and was suprised that there were not many footprints on the ground. It’s cold outside, true. But it’s really fun to walk around in as well, so neighbors get outside. I walked down the driveway to take a peek at the highway. There is a lot of snow on the road and people are still driving on it. Some faster than others. It was hard work to walk that 500 ft. or so. Like walking in sand, the snow is so deep. It was interesting also to hear the craking of the ice underneath all of the snow as you walked. Still cold. Quite beautiful. Also, if you’re reading this neighbors, there will be a sauna at Bayrd’s in like 30 minutes.


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  1. Hey guys how is the new place turning out? Sure do miss walking down the hill to come see you.

    I am trying to add another bed this year since I still have a pile of good soil.



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