As of 1:15 pm, cst


Right after I wrote my last post this morning at 10:45 am, the freezing rain turned into snow.  Beautiful billowy, large flakes.  It hasn’t stopped since then.  We are getting updates from those via phone and some who have the here-say.  It’s all different and everyone seems to get a thrill from what new insights they hear.  I hear the 4-8″ is going to be more like 8-10″.  Some one correct me, and please NWA if you read this and hear differently, please mention it in a comment, creating a dialogue for those on the other side of America who read this and go HA HA.  There are folks sledding outside and are having a good time.  It snowed on Christmas Eve and didn’t melt for a week or so.  I was really tired of the snow then.  As I look outside I have a jovial feeling toward it.  If you can’t beat em’ join em’ sort of feeling…even though I’m inside right now looking out.  I’m going to go right now.  And remember, no drive-y drive-y.


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