Daily Archives: January 29, 2010

As of 3:53pm, cst


The snow is still falling. One of my neighbors said that it was falling at about an inch per hour. There’s a lot of it on the ground by now. I just made a lap around the farm and was suprised that there were not many footprints on the ground. It’s cold outside, true. But it’s really fun to walk around in as well, so neighbors get outside. I walked down the driveway to take a peek at the highway. There is a lot of snow on the road and people are still driving on it. Some faster than others. It was hard work to walk that 500 ft. or so. Like walking in sand, the snow is so deep. It was interesting also to hear the craking of the ice underneath all of the snow as you walked. Still cold. Quite beautiful. Also, if you’re reading this neighbors, there will be a sauna at Bayrd’s in like 30 minutes.


As of 1:15 pm, cst


Right after I wrote my last post this morning at 10:45 am, the freezing rain turned into snow.  Beautiful billowy, large flakes.  It hasn’t stopped since then.  We are getting updates from those via phone and some who have the here-say.  It’s all different and everyone seems to get a thrill from what new insights they hear.  I hear the 4-8″ is going to be more like 8-10″.  Some one correct me, and please NWA if you read this and hear differently, please mention it in a comment, creating a dialogue for those on the other side of America who read this and go HA HA.  There are folks sledding outside and are having a good time.  It snowed on Christmas Eve and didn’t melt for a week or so.  I was really tired of the snow then.  As I look outside I have a jovial feeling toward it.  If you can’t beat em’ join em’ sort of feeling…even though I’m inside right now looking out.  I’m going to go right now.  And remember, no drive-y drive-y.

As of 10:46 am cst


SO this morning I remained in bed because I knew I didn’t have to go anywhere. As Paul did the dishes and made the kids breakfast, I was lucid enough to listen along with the morning show on the radio. Callers from NWA love to call this guy during bad weather and tell him how the roads are. “It’s a solid piece of iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice”. It’s hard to type in a redneck accent, I say that with respect. But people were saying it wasn’t so bad up in Bentonville, but that big rigs were jacknifed on both directions of I-540 in Rogers and don’t go to Greenland because it’s terrible. Being a few exits north of Greenland and a many exits south of Bentonville and Rogers outside of my window it looks pretty ominous. It’s about 22 degrees right now, with freezing rain falling. The trees are covered in about 1/4″ of ice, and for the most part still upright. Last year there was about 1″ of ice on everything and many trees split down the middle, the tops of their branches bending down to the ground under the weight. The day isn’t over yet though. I just don’t understand why businesses are still open in this weather, that poor people have to drive 25 miles north in it to go to work. Nobody is going to be out today shopping. Everyone got the message last year. Now every ice storm could be the “big one”. Again, stay warm, stay inside, don’t drive in your car to see if Wal-Mart is still open. They probably are, but who cares. Take care.