Daily Archives: January 28, 2010

It’s called STAY PUT


So I now understand the term “Winter Mix” with regards to weather. Sleet for a while, snow for a bit, sleet some more on top of that, maybe some more snow. It’s some scary stuff. In a way I have a weird excitement for this storm, and in other ways I’m not so excited. So this winter mix is what has been happening so far, it’s 9:45 pm, cst. Freezing rain for a few hours, and then a beautiful snow with large, lofty flakes. now it’s sleeting again. My walk to the office was a little slippery, I was walking over grass. NWA, stay warm.


And so it begins


This is the ice storm 2010 play-by-play. The freezing rain started about 30 minutes ago. My front steps are already incredibly dangerous to walk on. I read in the local paper about peoples proactiveness this year regarding this storm, whereas last year people were reactive. Good for you Arkansans. Things such as generators, and kerosene heaters are flying off local shelves. As well as things like batteries, fuel and bread. Keep it safe out there, those of you who are not yet home. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies!

Hunkering down


I went to the grocery store last night to get a few last minute provisions for this storm that’s coming (or not), just like everyone else in Fayetteville. If you wanted bread last night at 6 o’clock, too bad, you should have come around a few hours earlier. Residents are stocking up on much needed provisions for the big one. I do not blame them, we were all here last year, we know what’s up. Today it it really cold. I’m not sure exactly what the tempreature is, but know this…it’s colder than I’d like it to be. That being said, I should probably go throw another log on the fire.