Our friend, our future


We have a new friend here on the ole’ farm.  On several occasions he or she has visited and allowed me to get close enough to take these pictures.  DSC_0050

The kids have named this new pal “Hootie”.  Hootie is a barred owl, 21″ long.  He is perched on a log that is crossing the creek behind my house.  I was standing in the backyard when I took these pictures.  He was about 12 ft.-15 ft. away from me.  


The first time we met Hootie, my kids were “Hoo-hooing” their little hearts out right at him.  He was even closer that time, and he/she never moved.  I think it was amused by their attempts.


Pretty neat huh?  Owls during the day!  High-definition living!


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