Daily Archives: June 7, 2009

Because I like to harp


I could go on and on about eating local food, so here I go again.  This thursday coming up, we will have the produce buyer from our local food coop come out to take a gander at our farm to make sure it’s legit, so that we can sell some produce to them this summer.  Her name escapes me at the moment, but it doesn’t really matter, produce buying girl said that they currently only carry 8% local food at the coop.  8%!  I just can’t believe that.  There are so many farmers around here growing great produce.  She said that they want to beef it up to 25%, but it’s hard because so many farmers have their own little niches.  Things like this raise little hairs on the back of my neck and make me want to shake people on their shoulders.  What ever you can do, to support your local farmer, you should do it.  Every town has a farmer’s market.  Shop there.  Buy your produce there.  Talk to them about their farms, KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!  It’s so important, that I can’t even emphasize it enough.  

Do what you can to grow your own.  In some parts of the United States, it’s not too late to plant a tomato plant, or basil, or any of the summer vegetables for that matter.  Try to take care of yourself in that way.  So important.  Growing food is a skill that most Americans DON’T have, so don’t you think you should learn?  Turn off your T.V.’s right now.

It’s gross, if I choose to buy lettuce at the grocery store, it’s from California.  I live in Arkansas.  That’s 26 hours it has to travel by truck to my neck of the woods.  Fresh?  No.  It’s gross, if I choose to buy a tomato right now, it’s from Mexico.  Fresh?  No.  Taste?  Gross.  

Point?  Point?  Get to the point you say?  Do yourself a favor.  All of you NWA-ers (Northwest Arkansas for those of you not in the know), Buy fresh local produce, or grow your own, and taste the difference for yourself.