We get the nod


Today, Thursday, some produce managers from our local food coop, Ozark Natural Foods came to the farm to take a peek at our practices.  Pauline and Jeff toured around with Paul as he shcmoozed and sashayed them amongst the goods.  I was happy to know that they were very impressed with what we were doing.  It looks like they are definitely interested in some of our potatoes and whatever else we might have extras in, sans tomatoes and peppers.  It’s great to have that option, I’m glad that they are promoting local produce.  To all of you other local Fayetteville farmers and beyond, consider giving Pauline or Jeff a call at the store and have them come out to sneak a peek at your “op”.


Yes, they even wore the “farm” hats.  When you come over to visit, you can wear one too.


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