The newest of the new


There were four new rows added to the farm this year.  With pumpkin and watermelon dreams, you need a lot of space, so space is what we made.  Josh and I were the idea people in this endeavor and Paul was the action man, if it weren’t for him saying “Hey, the space doesn’t exist, if you want to do this, we’ll need more dirt”, then they still might be just dreams.  Paul and Josh got to work, ordered dirt, shoveled dirt, planted, mulched etc…  So we are on our way to pumpkin and watermelon bliss.  I have also started sneaking more pumpkin seeds here and there.  I have two sugar-pie plants in my backyard (pie pumpkins) and more in the old compost zone.  I have also sneaked a few extra of the Howden variety (carving pumpkins) around.  Again, we’ll see.  As far as watermelons go, we have Sugar-baby, Charleston Grey, and All sweet varieties.  




From this picture, I’m assuming there will be a few cantaloupe as well.


Watermelons are really something that Josh is passionate about.  His Grandfather was a watermelon farmer in east Arkansas, so needless to say, this is his baby.


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