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First CSA Customer


Kelly Mullhollan came by the other day to give Paul a check for his CSA share.  Kelly and his partner Donna used to live on the farm and are excited that it is finally turning into a working farm.  He saw Paul and Jonathan speak at and OMNI event on Campus about sustainable agriculture and committed to being the first customer that night.  Thank you Kelly for supporting Northwest Arkansas Local Harvest and understanding the value in a local, sustainable form of agriculture.

Photo credits: Isaac Chapracki.


It Gets Better


I have been receiving an overwhelming response to the blog as of late, which is nice.  I’ve kept it for three years or so now and it has always done ok, but like I said, lately, WOW.  Thanks!  I just approved a comment this morning from a reader in India, complimenting me on my herbs and such.  This person also keeps a blog so I clicked on it.  If you want to see some stunning imagery, you should check out this link to Jugnoo farms.

In other news, we received two extra WWOOF’ers yesterday, Shannon and Alex from York Pennsylvania.  They are only staying through today and leaving tomorrow morning.  They arrived about 5pm yesterday, just enough time to take the tour and get ready for dinner.  We all shared a lovely meal of soup and salad under the moon.  The weather was just perfect for dinning outside.  Our WWOOF’er Jason, from Brooklyn, surprised us all by making a lovely salad dressing.  I was surprised because he doesn’t say much, so it was pleasant that he made it and like Santa Claus in the night this present was left on the dinner table.  Thank you Jason.

For Friday


Paul was asked by a professor at the University of Arkansas to give a presentation to his class on Friday.  I feel silly not knowing the professor’s name (even though I’ve met him), or what class he teaches.  I’m assuming it is a cultural anthropology class, because he showed them the movie Food Inc. and their discussions are focused on agriculture in the industrial age.  Paul and Johnathon, (intern), have been working on a presentation for the class.  The professor said that on a good day there are 200 students present.  In other news, the CSA is comming along swimmingly.  We had another “Know your Farmer” meeting at Arsaga’s on Mission and Corssover, giving a presentation to court new clients.  This was the second one we’ve held and at each one we had people sign up and pay in full which is awesome.  We have been getting a great response with this venture.  I guess, like with anything, there are going to be those who are totally on board with the idea, because they believe in it, and there are those who need more convincing…and that’s America for you.  BUT, everyone should get on the bus because it’s about to leave!

And so it begins


Today Paul took Franchy to the farmer’s market to meet with Patrice Gros about the hoop house building that will be commencing here in November.  Patrice, a fellow Frenchman was excited to know about our new French help.  Pleasantries, pleasantries.  When Franchy and Paul arrived back on the farm, Beth and I were in the north rows weeding and attempting to make them larger.  Franchy stepped in and began pitch forking the ground, while Beth shook the soil from the grass roots.  I was a row over returning mulch to the row.  Franchy turns to me, and with his French-English says, “Uh, I need, how do you say, uh…” and he lifts his foot which is covered in blood and dirt.  “A Band-Aid” I say, “Yes!  A Band-Aid, yes.”  He replies.  “What did you do?” I ask him.  He motions that he stuck himself with the pitch fork.  “Okay, go back to my house and show your foot to Paul, and he’ll take care of it.” I tell him.  After he walked away Beth and I giggled.  His first day on the job and he stabs his foot.  I think it’s noble of Franchy to travel with the WWOOF program, however, bless his little French heart, I don’t think he has ever worked on a farm before.  I sat tonight down at the home with Mrs. Barbara, doing some care giving and told all of the old ladies at dinner about this episode.  They all had a good laugh.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring less injuries.

Again…2010 Workshops


Click on this to view our upcoming 2010 workshops!

The Farm will be hosting a series of workshops that are all coming up for the Fall season.  You don’t have to live here in Northwest Arkansas to attend.  Tell your friends!

OA workshop flyer



Paul signed our farm up with an organization called: World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms, or WWOOF.  I added the link on the side of the page so you can check out the details.  Today, Paul i going to pick up our first WWOOF volunteer, Franchy.  Should be interesting.  He will work 4-5 hours a day for us, which if it works out will be HUGE!  There is so much going on right now.  Even though we have had the most awesome volunteer base, there are still chores to be done.  With our shift in focus to planting fall crops, there is the issue of pulling out summer crops and prepping those spaces for planting.  It is such hard work, I thank my volunteers with my whole heart.  And I have a mess of chores for you come tomorrow.  Please check out the WWOOF link, it’s a really great organization.  I first read about it in Mother Earth News, then was told about it again by a young woman in the organic gardening club on campus.  Now, a bite, Franchy will be here today.  It’s exciting.



We have received an enormous amount of rain within the last couple of days.  It’s great, really…even though it’s a little too late, but I’m not complaining.  I’ll take it.  Lately, we have been pulling out summer crops, weeding and prepping for fall crops.  Paul broke his foot two weeks ago and hasn’t been able to do any work on the farm, so I have been up with the sun and taking care of business…and have witnessed a little “shoe on the other foot” action.  I didn’t realize all of the chores Paul did everyday.  Kudos.  It has in a way made me feel really bad-ass.  I have calluses on my hands, blisters upon blisters, I deal with chickens, twice daily……ehehhh.  He needs to heal.  I keep bugging Paul to blog.  He as a page at the top of this blog, but he says that he’s too busy.  Mmmmmhmmm.  Your foot is broken, you sit…I think you can type down some thoughts.  Please leave comments to let Paul know that his voice needs to be heard.  Thank you.