Hoop House Hoopla


We’ve been really busy here on the farm, our main project right now, on top of EVERYTHING else is re-erecting the Mothership.  If you aren’t a 2-greenthumbs superfan, let me fill you in.  Last march our hoop house, the Mothership, was blown down in what we later found out was a F1 tornado.  Look back into my archives, there were pictures and tears shed.  But NOW we are putting a new Mothership back up, better than ever.  There were lots of hands involved in this, there are some pictures on my other farm blog Ozark Alternatives and I will add some more here as well.


I would just like to add that we also pulled the roof up and over!  There are no pictures of that, because all hands were on deck.  FARM LIFE!


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    • Thanks! You can always do solo projects like a little herb garden, or lettuce growing in a flower pot. There are always ways to grow for those who don’t have a lot of time, or not a hundred hands available.

  1. Congrats on erecting the high tunnel. As I’m sure you know, it will pay for itself. Be sure to share any lessons learned or tips for others to know. One tip I learned for pulling the poly over is to use a tennis ball and wrap the poly around it and tie it off around the “neck” with the rope you’ll use to pull over. Good luck and may it stand strong in the gale.

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