Things I Love, Things I Loathe


Bunnys, or deer nibbling off the top of my beans, grrrrrr.

If you want to grow ANY kind of squash in Northwest Arkansas, you have to fight the good fight with these guys, squash bugs.  Organically, there aren’t too many options for you…just don’t grow it.  I’m fighting for these babies here, I’m determined to keep them alive some how.  I don’t have many plants in the ground, so I’m scraping the eggs off of the leaves just to see if my plants can have a fighting chance.

The eggs and a newly hatched baby.

Another squash plant culprit, the stem borer.  Little white moths lay their eggs at the base of the plant and the baby bores into the stem and eats the inside of it, killing your plant.  This day I took a knife and split it open and yanked the grub out.  Fingers crossed the plants still make it.  I’m determined to get a crop.

Calendula and dill.  In case you were wondering, this is a picture of something I love.

Cosmos.  These are called seashell.  The produce this beautiful tubular petal.  I ordered the seeds on a whim, and am very pleased with them.

My sunflowers are my pride and joy!  I LOVE them as if they were my own children.

Except when the deer nibble off the tops!!!!  If anyone has any advice on dear deer solutions, I’m all ears!



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    there are zillions of suggestions I’ve read, heard and given, some have value, some zip!
    a mixture made from HOT peppers and water (like a tea) and a bit of veg. oil (makes it stick) sprayed on the plants seems to work, until it rains!!! Very time consuming and if you miss a spraying they are gone.
    Hinder, brand name, some folks live by, until it rains!
    A fence of posts and bird netting (cheap) and then a layer of bird netting over the top, make the fence tall enough so you can walk under it!
    of course there is always a green house@!
    I’ve come to live by this rule “if you plant it, they will EAT IT”

  2. I read a little bit of dill planted with squash helps prevent squash bugs. Unfortunately, I read this after my squash was infested. 😦 I’ll be trying it next year, anyway.

    • I just heard soap and water works. This year is a bad year for the bugs I’ve noticed. The simple solution is don’t grow squash. And when you see it in the grocery store, respect it!

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