Dry and more dryness


Our area of the world is extremely dry at the moment.  I returned to Arkansas from California anticipating rain and lushness.  It has not rained once since I’ve been back.  Due to this lack of moisture, a lot of our crops failed.  Here on the farm we have no water to irrigate with.  Well, we do, just no time or resources to make it happen.  We went into this year “dry farming”, which means we mulched the heck out of everything and let Mother Nature take over.  Imagine my fingers doing a pinching motion when I say we are this close to performing a rain dance.  Something has got to give!

A few days ago we planted lettuce, spinach, chard and kale seed in a bed in front of our house.  This means I have been hauling in water twice a day to water them in.  However, with low humidity and high winds I feel like my effort is futile.  We will see.


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