Photo Essay


So, I haven’t been able to update photos in a LONG time, so these re from last fall till the present.

Mr. Calvin Bey doing a walk around on the farm, checking the soil.

(L-R) Resident, Jesse Thomas, Calvin Bey, and myself…but don’t look at me, not one of my finest moments.

Community garden, the “Before”.

Work party, where farm residents helped to clear the space.

You’re welcome KB.

Christmas Eve snow.

Ice Storm 2010

The homestead.

Paul spent a whole day building this snow fort, which I wasn’t too happy about.  I would have caught hell if I would have wasted n entire day on that.

It lasted for weeks.

Paul found a salamander while digging.

Community garden.

The “After”.


Plots in the community garden.


Planting potatoes.

Richard, the resident arborist giving pruning advice.

My onions!

The goats had babies!

El Fin.


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