Didn’t you know?


So, the weather man says that there is going to be another ice storm on thursday.  My teachers at school are echoing the same sentiment, because they watch the news.  A girl on the bus said it’s going to be the worst one ever, that’s what she heard, I don’t know who to believe.  When I heard “ice storm” a few days ago, I must admit panic was the first response, only briefly.  Being off the grid means no power outtages.  Wunderbar!  Remember last year around this time readers, when I was praying in my bedroom to some higher power that no trees fell on my house?  If you don’t, please look at the right hand side and notice the archives.  It will probably be in February, since I didn’t get my power back on until then.  Ice storms are no joke.  This time we feel even more prepared and the house has no trees around it.  So all of you NWA-ers get ready for the chaos.  Buy bread and batteries and hunker down.  If you want to come sit in some lamplight, come over.  Be safe.


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