First Timer, Right Here


I made pickles on Tuesday for the first time in my life.  It went okay, I was satisfied.  There were a few things that could have gone better such as, the recipe I used said to pack the cucumbers into quart jars, so I did.  After they were processed, the cucumbers rose to the top, where they remain today.  Lesson learned, maybe do them in pint jars next time.  Also, I wanted more of a dill pickle, not realizing that all recipes are created equal.  So, they are sweet pickles.  What can you do.



I still enjoyed the learning experience…so did Ike, I think.


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  1. Amanda, I did pickles last year and again this year, my first also. All of em rose to the top after canning. I wondered if perhaps I didn’t pack the jars enough.
    Last year I use the Mrs. Weges Kosher dill pkg. This year I used the same mix and a couple days ago I used the Bread and Butter mix (1st timer also). We shall see how they turn out.

    BTW, enjoying the blog.
    Barb in NWA

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