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A raccoon ate one of our larger set of babies.  I didn’t shut the door at dusk and Paul went out there and heard a commotion.  He grabbed a stick of bamboo and jabbed the raccoon a few times before it left the chick section of the coop.  I take full responsibility.  May that little hen rest in peace.


¡Picturas! ¡Picturas!


This is a pictorial update as to what is in the mix with the garden/farm.  Thanks for checking it out and keep it up you nosey farm fanatic…because face it, that’s what you are.


Look at the tomatoes please.


These were the first of the season.  I know what you’re thinking: “Amanda, it’s July and you’re just now getting ripe tomatoes?”

And my response to you is: “Yes, so.”

According to Dr. Calvin Bey, it hasn’t been a great year for tomatoes, and I would have to agree, because it’s past mid-July and our tomatoes are just now turning ripe.


Sugar baby watermelons.  I have to tell you, it has been a trip for me to see watermelons grow.  it’s a low, sprawling plant, I’ve never seen it before, and no pest is bothering it!  Watermelons to the max next year!  Yeah, that’s what I said….TO THE MAX!


This is a fruit of the “Charleston Grey” variety, again, simply amazing…check back in another week, that fruit will weigh 50 lbs!


This is an “All Sweet” variety.  They are usually the ones you see in your local grocery store from Mexico.


One of my county fair winners, if it lives that long.


A row of Arkansas Travelers.


Arkansas Travelers.


Mortgage Lifters.


A view of my bean tower, for my pinto beans.  I thought they were bush beans, but they’re not.


An okra blossom, so pretty…and did I mention okra is DELICIOUS?


Cucumber love!  Don’t you want it?  Of course you do!!!


More cucumber love, just for you.


These here are pickling cucumbers.  You should come over and learn how to do this with me.  For real.


Our green beans are just now coming to fruition.  What’s the date?  Quick!  Somebody.


Corn.  Some harvested.


This is a “Healthy” variety of sweet red pepper.  It’s like candy.  You should try some.


Serrano peppers.  Hot.


The view from above.DSC_0045

Previous compost area, now a melon/pumpkin patch…if it survives.  DUH duh duhhhhhh.

Just stay tuned.  I’m just as curious as you are.

Pumpkin Update


You nosey people you, you’ve been dying since I told you about the stem borers, what’s the fate of the ole’ pumpkin patch?  Well, it’s in critical condition.  Today, Paul used a knife and slit into the stems of some of my pie pumpkin plants and pulled out multiple grubs.  He was slicing and hacking, with very little regard to me, who was standing there in horror.  He ripped out plants that he deemed terminal and sliced off the unripe pumpkins and tossed their bodies to me.  Their stems wept tears all over my sun dress, some streamed down my arm.  Their fate is to turn orange in the garage with me.  It wasn’t pretty and I hope none of you ambitious few ever have to experience such heartbreak.  Some plants were de-grubbed and given a critical status, but they just might live…Hallelujah!  It’s a problem that I knew existed, but need to do more research about, for preventative reasons.  Trial and error, trial and error.

Farm stand this weekend…come over!


That’s right, are you in the mood for some ultra-fresh produce for your plate?  Me too!  Location?  Oh, right, you need to know where to GO to get all of this yummy awesomeness. Well, those of you in the N.W.A. (not the rap group), you take Hwy 16 west (Weddington ave.) about 6 miles west of I-540.  You turn right on 85th ave (University of Arkansas Parisitology lab sign, big blue water tower).  Go an additional 1.7 miles and turn on county road 842, drive 500 feet and you’re at my driveway, ready to spend.  Paul says we’ll open up about 8 am.  You might see him out there, don’t expect me that early….I know, I know.  We have potatoes, okra, bell peppers, some tomatoes (if you’re early enough), onions, cucumbers, etc…  Even if we’re sold out, I’ll still give you a tour on the house.  So come one, come all!  Oh, one more thing, it’s on SATURDAY.


Healthy peppers


Farm Pic