Pumpkin Update


You nosey people you, you’ve been dying since I told you about the stem borers, what’s the fate of the ole’ pumpkin patch?  Well, it’s in critical condition.  Today, Paul used a knife and slit into the stems of some of my pie pumpkin plants and pulled out multiple grubs.  He was slicing and hacking, with very little regard to me, who was standing there in horror.  He ripped out plants that he deemed terminal and sliced off the unripe pumpkins and tossed their bodies to me.  Their stems wept tears all over my sun dress, some streamed down my arm.  Their fate is to turn orange in the garage with me.  It wasn’t pretty and I hope none of you ambitious few ever have to experience such heartbreak.  Some plants were de-grubbed and given a critical status, but they just might live…Hallelujah!  It’s a problem that I knew existed, but need to do more research about, for preventative reasons.  Trial and error, trial and error.


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