Farm stand this weekend…come over!


That’s right, are you in the mood for some ultra-fresh produce for your plate?  Me too!  Location?  Oh, right, you need to know where to GO to get all of this yummy awesomeness. Well, those of you in the N.W.A. (not the rap group), you take Hwy 16 west (Weddington ave.) about 6 miles west of I-540.  You turn right on 85th ave (University of Arkansas Parisitology lab sign, big blue water tower).  Go an additional 1.7 miles and turn on county road 842, drive 500 feet and you’re at my driveway, ready to spend.  Paul says we’ll open up about 8 am.  You might see him out there, don’t expect me that early….I know, I know.  We have potatoes, okra, bell peppers, some tomatoes (if you’re early enough), onions, cucumbers, etc…  Even if we’re sold out, I’ll still give you a tour on the house.  So come one, come all!  Oh, one more thing, it’s on SATURDAY.


Healthy peppers


Farm Pic


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