Onions and Potatoes


I dug up the onions and garlic the other day and Paul dug up our potatoes today.  Root vegetables are tripping me out.  I have this fear of them with good reason.  Our soil here has a lot of clay in it, even the topsoil we had brought in, so the root vegetables have a hard time finding room to grow.  Last year, our soil was not as nice as it is now and our onions suffered.  They were the same size when I dug them up as when I planted them.  We didn’t even try potatoes or garlic last year.  It’s interesting, because you have to follow the signals above ground in order to judge what’s happening underground.  Surprisingly, to me, the garlic did alright.  I think I might have waited a bit long to dig it up, but in general for a first timer I think I did alright, it’s learning.  As we pulled onions up, I thought it was going to be a repeat of last year.  A lot of them, at least half, were small.  But as I hoed the patch to get out the weeds, I would turn up all of these monsters.  The majority of the bigger ones were white onions.  I had a few yellow bombers, but no red ones worth writing about.  Now the potatoes were something else.  Digging those out today was a trip because this just like the garlic, this is completely foreign to me.  I felt like I was watching a baby being born as Paul pulled the plants up.  There they were.  All of our little red potato babies.  We also had Yukon golds and Russets.  There was a 15 pound take on the potatoes so far.  We still have sweet potatoes growing and another variety of Irish potato, but I cannot recall what kind.


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