After befriending Johnny, Paul asked him if we could go and pick some blueberries, because we want to freeze them.  He swatted the air with an “Aaahhhh”.  He said how the season is waning and all that’s left are the small ones.  He said we could pick them though so Paul took Oliver two nights ago and picked ten pounds of blueberries while I stayed home with Ike.  Last night was my turn.  I took Oliver around seven o’clock at night so that it would be doable.  It was still in the 90’s and the humidity was in the 50% range.  Let me just tell you, I poured buckets and buckets of sweat.  I even brought a hankie for my pocket to wipe my face.  The only time relief came was when the sun was completely down, it cooled off a few degrees.  I didn’t stop picking.  I became a machine.  Oliver gave up on me as soon as we got there, so I couldn’t stop.  When all was said and done after day two of picking I was able to walk away with eight pounds.  Last night Paul and I washed them and vacuum sealed them up and put them in the freezer.  Thank you to Rocco for randomly sending me this Reynolds Handy-Vac.  I honestly thought I’d never use it.  But I did, and it works great.  Thank you.  Also a thank you to Craig, for getting some Handy-Vacs for free so Rocco could mail it.  Tonight is another night for berry picking and vacuum sealing, should be exciting!


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