The chicken(s) has landed


Big news.  We picked up some chickens about an hour ago.  We got them from a guy who raises them.  His name is Duane, and he’s from Winslow, AR.  We got a mixed batch of breeds.  They are all female (15 in all), Paul has their breeds written down somewhere, but I don’t know what they are off hand, besides the fact that they are indeed chickens.  WOW.  So here we go.  Do we have any experience in the chicken arena?  Paul’s parents raised some when he was a kid.  But that’s it.  That’s where the experience stops, and the real world begins folks.  The great chicken experiment.  It’s like having new babies, and extension of our family.  Now we’re really tied down, or so it seems, and they’ve only been here an hour.  Poor things.  Can’t wait to name them.


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