Daily Archives: April 30, 2008

Chickens and Dirt


I thought I should also mention a few words about my chickens, and the dirt we received.  My babies are no longer babies.  They have quintupled in size since the last time I chit chatted about them.  They are all getting their feathers and eating a ton.  They grow up so fast (sigh).  Now on to the dirt.  We ran out of topsoil.  Wait, let me re-phrase.  Paul ran out of topsoil for row construction, and he put in a call about a week ago to the topsoil mine to get some more.  The woman behind the desk said ‘yeah no big deal, we can do it in the next couple of days’.  That was about a week ago.  Today she told Paul that she forgot to write it down, and now he’s at the bottom of the list, and that we would not be getting dirt for another week and a half.  She didn’t leave him there though.  She gave him the option of having another man deliver it.  Only his truck was less than half the size of their truck, and it was only $10 cheaper.  And Paul was actually considering it!  I said just wait, and they’ll try to get to you next week.  But low and behold someone cancelled their load tonight, so the folks at the top soil mine called Paul and delivered it tonight.  Hallelujah!    




So….looking at my stats, I seem to be going static every couple of days.  I’ll try to make it more interesting.  Today we sold lettuce to a new consumer.  Jammin’ Java on the Fayetteville square is the new proud owner of 5 lbs. of organic spring mix.  Thank you for your patronage.  We also received 96 pepper starts from Bean Mountain Farms (thank you Herb).  The Bean Mountain Farm is not going to be growing this year, and is only selling starts.  So we bought them to turn and sell the peppers to the restaurants that Herb sold to last year.  They are long skinny italian peppers.  I don’t know what to do with them (cooking wise) but I’ll figure it out, and let everyone know.  Oooooh, maybe I should add a recipe page.  Let me think about that, because I know how popular “vegetable humor” is doing.