Daily Archives: April 11, 2008

To all of my fans!


I love that…my FANS.  People actually read this stuff, and I like that you do.  It gives me an incentive to keep it hip, and current.  Well, as hip as I can keep it.  So I’m sending this shout out to all of you to let ME know what you think, and you know, share with each other via my blog.  Let me know your likes and dislikes, and what color socks you’re wearing.  We can create our own little community here fans.  Together we’ll all learn and grow (literally and figuratively).  I feel like this is a donation drive for a public access station.  Give now, today you could be a part of a very fruitful and interactive blog.  All we ask is for you to pledge your support by leaving a comment, to me, and to each other.  Say hello to one another.  Maybe I should host a cyber cocktail party…what do you think?  I think that might be in the works.  So here are some pictures of how things are.  We have 8(?) rows of lettuce mix, that is growing a nice carpet of edible product.  There is also some italian parsley, cilantro, and onions (Thanks Roy).  Our inside stuff is growing like the little champs they are.  I planted some marigolds and zinnia seeds today in little cups…so we’ll see what develops there.  Aight…talk amongst yourselves!