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It felt good


Synergy, in general, may be defined as two or more agents working together to produce a result not obtainable by any of the agents independently.

We had an unbelievable day today.  Well, I cannot speak for Beth and Franchy, but to me it felt good.  We finished what we started yesterday.  We were widening a row by a few feet.  That’s how Franchy had his accident : )  We pitch-forked the Bremuda grass up and then shook the soil from the roots.  This morning we finished that chore.  Franchy continued to work up the grass the next row over and finished it.  Bet raked the first row to even it and we started planting more cilantro seed.  It felt great getting dirt jammed under my fingernails.  As Beth and I were scratching dirt over the holes we drilled with our fingers, Beth said “Scratching Mother Nature’s back”.  How apt.  It felt really good to have my hands massaging the warm soil.  You should try it sometime.  Then we watered in all the seeds.  Good work team!  We broke about 1:00pm for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a salad.  Never had a meal tasted so good.  I felt so exhausted and dehydrated.  I had to sit still for a while because I had too much sun.  I don’t know about the weather in your neck of the woods, but in my yard it’s in the high 80’s/low 90’s…it’s brutal out there come 12:30 pm.  We took the rest of the day off.  Still ore to do, but tomorrow is another day.


Excuse me, where are my manners


We have had a wave of exceptional help lately that has been a positive force in this whole circus.  I can say “Thank you” until I’m blue in the face at them, I still don’t think it would do justice to the amount of appreciation that Paul and I have.  Thank you again though, for good measure.

Everybody, meet Rose.

She has been a tremendous help for us these past few weeks.

This particular day we harvested the seeds from my spring cilantro and seeded a new bed with them.

Everybody, meet Beth.

Also a big help.  Beth is interning on the farm.

Everybody, meet our county fair Grand Champion!

Everybody, meet our first place winner!

Now in this picture are more volunteers, Jason and Jen.  I don’t have better pictures of them, sorry Jen and Jason.  They too are a great help.  This is a picture of the work party today.

Big Winners!


So we went to the Washington County fair on Saturday to check up on our winnings.  Paul and I got a few blue ribbons and a handful of red for our overripe produce, which isn’t bad.  The big winners were Oliver and Isaac.  Isaac won a blue ribbon for his sunflower seed head as did Oliver.  Oliver also won the purple rosette grand champion ribbon for the junior field crop division.  I am so proud.  I was strutting around the horticulture building like a spring chicken, I’m surprised I didn’t win a blue ribbon for my strut.

Guess what time it is!!!


It’s County Fair time!  Yesterday Paul, the kids and I loaded up a basket full of farm grown goodies and headed to the Washington County fair grounds to enter them into the competition.  Both of the kids entered sunflower seed heads.  Paul and I entered in a plethora of things like okra, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers, onions, garlic etc.  Oliver is so excited to go and see if he has won a ribbon.  Calvin Bey was there, who is the local garden guru in these parts.  He greeted me with a nice hug and said “Go look at the baskets and see if you can guess which one is mine!”  What he’s talking about is a basket filled with five different things you the exhibitor have grown that you have not submitted in any other category.  Well, I looked at the baskets from far away and I could already tell that it wasn’t fair.  Calvin had blown away the competition again.  Stunning would be an understatement.  I told him in jest that it’s not fair to others who enter things in the fair…he’s that good.  The man had blueberries in his basket, BLUEBERRIES!  Who has fresh blueberries right now?  He said that this was probably going to be his last year entering things, but I know he’s fibbing.  You can’t keep a good man down, but you can try harder next year to have bigger onions.