A Day of Firsts


Yes, you’re right it is May 1st.  Happy May Day.  It was also DAY 1 of our CSA deliveries for the season (applause).  Thank you.  To top it all off, I got my first tick bite of the year.  I just found it and it was a MONSTER!  So much so, that it prompted me out of my blog slumber, to take a picture and tell you about it.

Terribly picture, my camera wasn’t focusing, and time was of the essece…and my computer stepped in.  Look at that BEAST.  It hurt pulling it out.  For all of you naturopath folk out there, would plantain help?  I went out with the flash light and picked some…someone chime in!  I have green clay on it right now, but looking for helpful remedies.


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  1. I got one too, Amanda — in TOWN (although not the one that ate the Grand Canyon — you got that one). Does not bode well for the season, does it. I use — I’m so odd — Absorbine Junior. Not every place has it, it’s kind of old-fashioned. Walgreen’s. A wintergreen-y type thing. I checked the ingredients & they aren’t bad. Love the “hit” of cool fire on those nasty bites. Repeat x3 and the itch is usually gone. Let me know!

  2. I hae never used this for a tick bite but I swear by fresh onion juice for a bee sting or a fire ant bite. Must b put on the injury ASAP for it to work. My feet swell if a fire ant bites them but I run to the house and immediately cut an onion and squeeze fresh juice on the bite (or sting) and no swelling. I promise it works like a charm every time. I have shared this trick with others who say it really does work. Must be something ingthe onions? Sulpher maybe?

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