The Pirate Ship


A recent turn of events has brought a new (old) hoop house into our lives.  These pictures tell a story of their own.

Paul and the boys went to go look at it, and this is what they found.  This vessel has definitely seen better days, but it’s still seaworthy!

I feel like we need Linus to come over and wrap his blue blanket around this and tell us it just needs a little love.

Paul, Jake, Patrick, Grace, Yosha, and Paul Z. went to the site to take it apart, and were able to get the whole thing down in one day!  The hardest part will be where to put it!


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  1. Awesome ! Thats a big greenhouse … I wish I had some land to throw one of those on there and do a little organic garding, too bad, Land= $$$ but im sure a smaller version can easily be constructed for the yard. Thanks for the inspiration !

    • We don’t own the land we farm. We lease it, for a percentage of the profits we make. Most land is being held by people who are too old to do anything with it. There will be a time real soon when all of this land will be changing hands. Try it for the back yard! But keep your eye out for opportunities as well! Thanks for reading!

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