Daily Archives: March 2, 2012

Hats off!!!


Grace and Jake took the second half of the day off today to prepare the evening meal.  And OH MY GAWD!  Awesomeness is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to words to describe how delicious it was.  Our youngest and pickiest, Isaac licked his plate clean!  That my friends is the ultimate compliment.  Grace made quinoa with kale, goat cheese, and pine nuts.  Jake made roasted sweet potato spears in a balsamic reduction (KILLER!!!!).  For desert, Grace baked vegan carrot muffins with walnuts.  Holy moly you shoulda’ been here!  We were all very lucky, satisfied people!  Recipe’s to come.  I was just so excited and satisfied I had to tell you about it!


G-Hock and ADUB= REGULATORS…the Bros. Jones too!


My hands hurt.  This morning I was determined to revamp the ol’ herb bed.  It had been neglected and the crab grass, real name escaping me from sun/ wind whipped brain.  Anywho, the grass, grew great, and was choking out my herbs, so Grace and I used  compost forks and dug the whole thing up and weeded it.  We removed all of the plants and replaced them when we were done.  I split her away from the other work that was being done in the hoop and beyond by the brothers Jones.  I told her, “This will only take us an hour or so.” No one should listen to a word I say…ever.  It took forever.  And the bed isn’t even that large, twenty feet or less.  While we were keeping it real up front, the bros. were in the back planting carrots and kale and laying drip tape.  Busy day, I felt so accomplished and to top it off (by midday), Paul made cilantro pesto for lunch!  He took it to another level folks by blending it with avocado and adding lime…HEAVEN IN THE MOUTH!!!!  Scroll down and get the recipe!  I posted it a few days ago.  The photo of Grace and I in all our glory is currently being held hostage on her cell phone, but here’s a pic of the bros. working their magic.

You’re welcome!