Hello All


Just a little note, Mother Earth News has taken me on as a blogger for their “Happy Homesteading” Blog.  Here is a link to my first blog post for them.  And for those of you who are finding this blog for the first time through them perhaps, welcome!  I encourage you to start from the beginning…and the rest of you for that matter.


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  1. Congrats Amanda! That’s awesome! Mother Earth News has been around forever, and now you are one of their contributors! What an honor! Congrats again, now I’m gonna go read your blog! :o)

  2. FOUND IT, thanks Amanda for letting me know! I’m so very proud of you.

    I wasn’t sure where it was, at 1st I thought the Happy Homsteading was just that ONE blog, but once I scrolled down I found yours !

    Great 1st blog ! May you have many many more with tons of faithful followers.


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