We got our new chicks yesterday.  I’m interested to see how this will play out.  Paul didn’t want new chickens six months ago when I said the hens were broody, now we have mucho.  I think the tally is a whopping 75 head of fluff.  I’m still in the dark as to what the variety of chickens these are, this being addressed to Tabby who is just dying to know…aren’t you.  Tabby, and every one else, they are being kept in the green house at present to keep them warm and such.  Here are some pictures of them arriving.

Everyone was excited.

Doesn’t Karen look happy to be holding a baby chick?!

I told you I’d get a better picture of you Emily!

Did you know chickens were born in a box?

A temporary home.

In other news, Emily, Kyle and I made cultured vegetables for the first time.  We were winging it.  I watched a few YouTube videos and we went for it, but dear reader, it seems to be working.  There are so few directions, so it seems to easy to be true.  I’ll let you know in a few days how they taste.

Here is a picture of them this morning doing their thing.  There is beet, cabbage, kale and collard greens in here.  We also added salt, ground coriander and cayenne pepper.  What a terrible picture!  Too much coffee.


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  1. The chicks are darling! Absolutely darling!

    A year ago and a half ago when we were moving to Haiti, we had our dog Ralph arrive in Port-au-Prince in a cargo plane, along with 10,000 chicks. In fact, his crate was strapped to a pallet, surrounded entirely by chicks. It was the funniest thing to see.

    I will have to show your post to my partner. She will get a huge kick out of it!, as she was at the airport with me when Ralph arrived. Heck, I’ll show the images to my dog, and see if it seems to stir any memories in him–LOL!


  2. I grew up on a poultry farm. Your photos brought back lovely memories. We took the day off from school the day the chicks were delivered so we could help unload the boxes quickly and get the chicks settled under large heat lamps and around the feeders.
    Nothing like farm fresh eggs!

  3. Awwww…..they are so cute! Great pictures! We used to visit the chicks hatch in the huge incubator exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry when I was a little kid. Then my dad and I made an incubator out of a lightbulb and a wooden box – and got some fertilized eggs from a farm –and every day I watched and turned the eggs over and we actually managed to hatch 2 chicks in our 10th floor apartment in Chicago! It’s was so exciting — this brings back great memories.

  4. So… I am guessing they were mail order? But you don’t get to pick a breed? Because I would have thought you’d get to choose… locally, we can buy baby chicks at the feed and fuel store, and they are grouped according to breed. But they tend to only carry them in the early spring. Anyway, you sure got some adorable little fluffballs!

  5. In South India, we used to get these sold in small cartons, with their feathers dipped in multiple colours…..this was a practice in 80s and nowadays we dont see that cruel act.

    But yet, it was a pleasure to see these run in multiple colours all across the garden and slowly the colour fades and they become white.

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  7. I thought my hens went broody in August but they didnt stick, this morning I went to get eggs for breakfast and got growled at. Its a little late in the season as it will soon be cold here but Im hoping!

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