A few more words to accompany the photo essay


So, we have been busy the last month with house guests and currently, today received one more.  Courtney and Grace came to us from the “Garden State”, Bruce Springstein bandanas and all.  They were hard workers on and off the field.  They stayed in the luxurious RV for four weeks total before they high-tailed it down to the great state of Texas for some goat farm action.  They’re lucky that they did, because right after they left the temperatures dropped, freezing!  Inside our house we have had a fire going for the last couple of days.  Nuts, it’s March what?  During their stay Alyssa from Chicago also joined us.  She was on spring break from the College of Wooster in Ohio…yeah, I’m not sure where that is either.  Alyssa only stayed a week, and for future WWOOF’ers, that’s not long enough.  It’s amazing how quickly seven days flies by on the farm.  Nonetheless she was a great help while she was around.  Speaking of Chicago, we have a new WWOOF’er who just showed up about an hour ago.  I don’t know much about him, except his name is Eric, he has a red beard, he drives a Buick Skylark (it’s dark blue), he was wearing glasses when I first saw him and the next time I saw him the glasses had dissapeared…and…..yeah, that’s all I know about the guy as it stands.  I will have more deets after I grill him over dinner.  OOOOOHHHH, he’s from Chicago…remember, I said “speaking of Chicago”, I almost lost my point there.  He also has a nice tone to his voice, like he should be on the radio or something.  I know what you’re thinking, “great Amanda, this tells us NOTHING”.  And you may be right.  I was all jazzed up to sit here and vent, but my vent is turning into nonsense, and sometimes, nonsense is the best sense.


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