What else is there to do but move?


In wake of the move I have five extra minutes to post these pictures of the last month or so.


Okra, I found a new vegetable love this year.  Delicious, slime and all.  I’m not sad to see it go, for it is a very time consuming vegetable to grow.


My men prepping tomatoes for canning.


I liked how the kids asked if they could help.  I think because it’s really messy and messy means fun.



Arkansas has the craziest critters I have ever seen.  This spider was hanging out in the chicken coop.


Some of the chickens hanging out in their jungle.


I think this is Paul’s hand, he must have been proud of these bell peppers.  My kids pick them off of the plants and eat them like apples.


The last of the three-legged carrots to come out.


Oliver received a second place ribbon for the sunflower seed head he entered.  The old ladies running the show put it in the novelty category for “Largest seed head” instead of just “Large”, he could have had a blue ribbon, I’m only a little bitter, he could care less.


This was the largest pumpkin to come out of the pumpkin patch this year.  Unfortunately it rotted a week later and we had to throw it in the compost.


Next year my pumpkin patch will be more sincere.


These are some pie pumpkin plants that I seeded where my old compost pile was.  Pumpkins are heavy feeders, so it seemed like a practical spot.  They did well here.




A view of the new digs.  Passive and active solar and a beautiful view!


See.  I think I’m going to like it here.


Ike looking out the windows.


Moving the “op”.


We have since hired a dump truck and a back hoe.


Ike was having a good time, though the look on his face shows otherwise.


They worked hard.


Dumping the dirt at the new place.  Black gold, do you blame us for moving it?


Row complete.

Everyone, please stay tuned.  I know my posts have been sporadic, but with school and the move that is just how it will be for the next couple of weeks.  I know there are diehards out there who are like ‘Yeah Amanda, cool’ and I thank you for it.  Crazy is the word that comes to mind for what is going on right now.  We learned that “off the grid” really means off the grid, for where we are moving has no physical address and no phone.  We are adopting an address from another building on the property though.  I think my blog is about to get a whole lot more interesting because it is going into the ether.  I’m doing it.  All of you who dream about your solar cabin/off the grid lifestyle, let me be your barometer.  I’m just as curious as you are.  Thank you for your support.


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  1. I have one comment. One alone.

    Why the hell did you put your finger so close to that crazy looking spider?!? For size comparison? Really? I think I could’ve seen that monster from across your yard and still been grossed out. Creepy.

    Okay, maybe that was many comments.

  2. I loved looking at your greenthumbs website and pictures, particularly. you are a charming writer (that’s the English teacher in me) and it was fun reading excerpts and captions about your life out there. what a cool idea to have a growing classroom. fantastic! your little oliver is the spittin’ image of a wunderlich and you…so cute. what a great life for the kids and while you so obviously work your behinds off, it sounds satisfying and nurturing for your soul.

    loved you description of rocco’s wedding…just exactly what i’d imagine from him..he always was one of the best “rally and dance planners,” thinking and fretting over the little details more than any of us gals. good for kristen..i’ve thought of her often through the years as i had heard she’d gone to school to become a teacher. if and when she is published, please send me the title…i’d love to read it. while i’d love the idea of being a writer, i don’t have the talent for creative writing at all.

    a good buddy of ours if from northern ireland and grew up planting potatoes. do you want me to find out what he knows or give you his email to ask?


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