Daily Archives: September 21, 2009

In other news


There are still veggies being harvested of what’s left in the garden.  Paul picked a bushel of sweet corn yesterday which is a nice treat.  We also still have a lot of basil, sweet potatoes, and irish potatoes (which we have to figure out how to transport and replant).  I’m still a little miffed at the fact that we couldn’t produce a fall crop of anything, but we are working on the install across town to try to get some lettuce and spinach planted for the winter.


A lot to do and I’m still thinking about it


HEY YOU!  Yeah, I’m talking to you.  If you have time to read this, then you have time to come over and help us move the farm.  I’m freaking out about moving the dirt.  We have too.  I will not allow it to stay to be grown over with crab grass, or remain in the hands of someone else.  Even if they paid us for the dirt, I would still say no.  That is our sweat equity there and it means a lot.  If you have ever gardened before, then maybe you will understand the beauty and personal connection to your soil.  We moved a row by hand yesterday and it was a lot of hard work.  Now the talk around here is hiring a dump truck and backhoe to scrape it all up and take it across town.  It’s not as simple as it sounds though.  We still have crops in the ground and a copious amount of weeds that need to be pulled and grass to be mowed so that the backhoe can come in…..AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Want to come over?  Please?

A working (wo)man’s day is never done


I’m not going to lie.  I’m a little upset to be moving during fall harvest time.  I was getting excited this season because we were successful at multiple plantings and even had fall crops in the ground.  Now we have to dig them all out and move them across town, dirt and all.  We have been moving wood and garden tools and dirt for the last week or so.  My little frame is worn out already, even though this is the beginning of this new adventure.  Yesterday, we moved two cords of wood and stacked it for a neighbor and moved a whole twenty foot row of dirt.  Then, Paul dug a new twenty foot span and double dug it, (a lot of work for those of you who don’t know) so now it’s prepped for a new load of dirt to go on top of it today.  At the end of all this I will either be stronger, or mentally insane.  Hopefully it’s the latter.