There are two sides to every coin


With gardening, it seems as if there are fifty sides of the coin sometimes.  The longer I do this, the more things I learn about the delicate dance with time and nature.  There alone are 100 things to think about.  One thing I’ve learned this season is “post-production”.  For instance, we grew pumpkins this year, some for carving, some for pie.  Seeds planted, thunderstorms three times a week, pestilence, etc. etc…now what?  So I picked them when the plant was almost dead.  I noticed that the stem boring grub also likes to chow into the face as well.  Now, I’m throwing pumpkins into the compost daily because of it.  Lesson learned I guess, pick them sooner, deal with the bugs.  Also, when you rely on mother nature nothing is a given.


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