One of my loves


Did a little blueberry picking today.  Aaaahhhhhhh….the weather is back up, but that was okay.  We are garden sitting for the garden king, Dr. Calvin Bey.  He invited us to come and pick anything that was ripe while he was out of town, so being the free things loving people that we are, totally all about it.  I took my boys over there this early evening and kept them busy with some trucks while I attacked the blueberry bush.  I don’t know what I was thinking only bringing a quart container.  There were so many that were ripe, that weren’t ripe 5 days ago, I couldn’t believe it.  I quickly filled my container and cursed the luck.  Every time I pick blueberries, it’s like a fever pace.  Like they are going to self-destruct as soon as I walk away, and perhaps they do.  To have blueberries so late in the season is a blessing and I’ll take them.  Thank you Calvin for the blueberries.  We will put them to good use.  I’d also like to remind you about the farm stand again tomorrow, come one, come all.


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