What’s my problem?


Every time I go outside, I head straight for my planting beds.  I assess the backyard first, then venture on the the main “op”.  It’s chronic, sometimes ten times a day, I look at the same pumpkin, the same chard, the same beans.  Any new growth?  Mostly no, but sometimes yes.  I don’t know what I’m looking for exactly.  I guess I want my plants to show me their eyes and mouths and tell me what’s up, that it will be a great season.


This is a pie pumpkin that I am compulsive about checking.  I’m happy with its progress.  I constructed tee-pee for it to trellis on.  So far so good. I have counted up to seven fruit on it, however, each time I count I find one more or one less.


I check this bad boy ten times a day, expecting it to be doubled in size.


Babies, babies and more babies!


I love this plant.


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