Hail storm


I believe this to be an isolated incident, I don’t believe all were affected by this the other night, but in my neck of the woods, Hwy 16 west, we received 15 minutes of hail followed by a torrent of rain.  It didn’t make sense to me, because it was 90 degrees that day.  The rain and hail came at about a quarter of two in the morning.  I forget that things like hail develop thousands of feet up, where it’s colder, go figure.  It was an experience though.  The only hail I have ever experienced in my life has been small pea-sized hail, the kind you see and go “Oh, it’s hailing!”.  This hail was quite large and it was as if it were being shot out of a gun at the ground.  Paul ran outside when it let up a little and grabbed a few pieces of it and took a picture.  All I could think was “PLEASE don’t break a window!” wether it be car or house.  Ahhh the midwest and it’s whack weather phenomenon’s!




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  1. Love seeing how things are growing. Everything looks great.
    Hats off to you both. Sure miss ya, hope to see you next weekend. I have a new dish to share with you…

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